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The Kirkby Ireleth Ecclesiastical Charity Reg Charity No 1020880

The Kirkby Ireleth Education Charity Reg Charity No 1020122

The Kirkby Ireleth Relief in Need Charity Reg Charity No 1020125



Mr. H. R. Saunders, Hill Farm, Grizebeck 889 286
Mr. M. McPherson, 1, Combe Crescent, Chairman 889 382
Mr. C. Anderson, 14, Marshside 889879
Mr. W. Todd, 1, Long Row, Marshside 889 654
Mrs. M. Coward, Cart House Farm, Soutergate 889 203
Mr. G. Grieve, Ivy Cottage, Wallend 889 017

Mrs. L. Dean, Yew Tree, Soutergate

889 630


Mr. A. Laisby 889 393


Kirkby Ireleth Relief in Need Charity.

A slight change in the way of allocating the Kirkby Ireleth Relief in Need Charity has recently taken place in order to direct the available funds to those genuinely in need within the Parish.

The charity was established for the assistance of those in our area "who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress". In the past to be eligible for an award a recipient would have reached the age of 70 years and have been resident in the village for at least two years. Only one award per household was made and the awards were reviewed each year. They ceased when a recipient died or left the village. In future no new recipients over the age of 70 will be added to the list. Those on the list who have received awards will continue to do so, unless they indicate that they do not wish to do so.

The Trustees will now try to focus on those who are in financial need within the Parish by awarding grants of varying amounts. These grants may be in the form of vouchers mainly using local services but not exclusively.

If you know of any one who may need help such as this please contact any of the Trustees. All matters, will of course, be strictly confidential.

N.B. The Trustees are not eligible for grants or awards.
Report and financial statement 2023


History and Criteria

In 1993 the Charity Commission announced that it was to conduct a full review of the Register of Charities, it had been aware for some time that many of the Charities on its Register were no longer functioning and that many others were operating with governing instruments that did not comply with the recent Charity Act. It must be said that the Charity Register at the time also was not entirely accurate and contained many errors. Trying to rectify several such errors led to lengthy correspondence, which began in 1991, between the Charity Commission and the Trustees of the Village Charities. Looking back at the correspondence in which both sides grew increasingly frustrated with the other in an attempt to resolve errors, made many years previously, it was obvious that the Kirkby Charities were in need of a review.



This led to a gentleman from the Charity Commission's Liverpool office coming to the village to talk to the Trustees and convince them that there was nothing to be feared from a more modern governing instrument and that it would offer them greater flexibility and prevent them having to bend the rules in order to administer the Charities in future. A major concern to the Trustees at the time was that the Charities were an important part of the history of the village and the desire was that this should be preserved if possible. This proved virtually impossible to achieve within the construct of a new Trust Deed so the Clerk was charged with writing a brief history of the Charities and an explanation of the changes being implemented. This was then circulated with the Caller, so that at least people had some idea of what was happening to the Charities. This history of the Charities offers a more complete overview.



When apportioning the resources of the six old Charities into the three new Charities particular attention was paid to the original aims of the old Charities. This is how 3/11 of the old Hallsteads Charity became the Kirkby Ireleth Ecclesiastical Charity, the sole beneficiary of which is St Cuthbert’s Parochial Church Council who received the sum of £1,100 in 2021.



The Kirkby Ireleth Educational Charity consists of 30% of the old Wilson & Holmes Charity 50% of the old John Dodgson Charity and the entire old Joseph Coulton Charity, the principal beneficiary of which is Burlington School who received the sum of £950 in 2021.



The rather arcane title of the Kirkby Ireleth Relief in Need Charity came from the Charity Commission and consists of 70% of the old Wilson & Holmes Charity, 50% of the old John Dodgson Charity, 8/11 of the old Hallsteads Charity and the entire old John Postlethwaite and Margaret Postlethwaite Charities. 



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