Local groups and individuals in Kirkby Ireleth Parish are eligible for a share of a total Parish Trust Fund of 10,000 thanks to South Lakes-based educational publishers Coordination Group Publications Ltd (CGP).

CGP launched the fund with a 10,000 donation. The fund is administered by a committee made up of seven Councillors from the three wards of Kirkby Ireleth Parish Council and chaired by Councillor Saunders. For a copy of an application form, please see the link below.


"Our aim with these Trust Funds is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in local groups and individuals!" explains CGP Finance Director Jane Ross. "CGP started up with one idea and one book but with time and a lot of hard work we're now competing with the big national publishers. We believe part of the reason for our success so far has been a willingness to encourage new ideas -- and a commitment to staying in this area. Above all, we want to give something back to each of the places in which our offices are based. We appreciate all the support we receive locally, and we're committed to helping to boost and encourage the local economy in return. It's a real pleasure and privilege to be able to give something back to the people of Kirkby

CGP currently employ 160 staff in their premises around South Lakeland. In addition to the Trust Fund, the company also makes regular charitable donations to other local causes. Total charitable donations for this financial year will amount to around 90,000. CGP is a limited company founded in 1996, producing school books and Educational resources for children aged 5 to 18 and for Adult Education. The company has offices in Broughton-in-Furness and Grizebeck with a Call Centre and Distribution Depot in Millom.


The Trustees are expected to apply the income of the Trust for the benefit of the administrative area of Kirkby Ireleth Parish Council.


By way of example the activities of the Trust are expected to include (but are not limited to):

Improving recreational facilities within the Parish

Funding local events. These should be events run principally for local people and specifically not to encourage any commercial gain from tourism. Favourable examples would include parties for local children, sports days, music events, plays, Halloween parties, Christmas parties

Assisting in welfare projects for local residents

Planting of trees and flowers around the Kirkby Ireleth Parish area

Funding some local policing

Additional street lighting

Funds to the Church, Public buildings and the Village Hall for repairs or for holding events

CGP Kirkby Ireleth Parish Council Trust Fund Application Form.