The "Roundhead" Village


Kirkby residents who were actually born in the Parish of Kirkby Ireleth are given the name "ROUNDHEAD". 

This is taken from the practice in the slate quarries of rounding off the top of roofing slates. 

Some "ROUNDHEADS" refer to off comers as "SQUAREHEADS"

Welcome to Kirkby

If you are new to the Parish, or wish to find out more about the area, the Parish Council's booklet "Welcome to Kirkby" has a wealth of information including a "Potted History" of the Parish. In it you will also find details of the groups and organisations and their  contact numbers.


The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Thursday 17th November at the Community Centre.

All members of the public are invited to attend. Agenda

Due to the retirement of Councillor Winstanley there is a vacancy on the Parish Council. If you are interested in being a Councillor further information can be had by following this link. Parish Councillor vacancy.




RECENT POSTS: The Community Centre and Kirkby Charities "Warm Spaces".

"Warm Space/Soup Lunch"

Supported by the Community Centre and the Kirkby Charities

The committees of the above are pleased that this will start on Thursday 10th November 12.30 p.m. until 2.30 p.m. at the Community Centre and subsequently on the second Thursday of each month throughout the winter. Warming soup and buns, tea/coffee and biscuits. Gluten free provided. All welcome.

Transport to and from the Centre can be arranged by contacting Anne Holroyd on 889 431

Moorland Stores and Moorland Cottage.

The planning notification for the shop and cottage has been published. Ref: SL/2022/0935 

Change of use. Convert existing Moorland Cottage into 2 apartments. Change use of redundant Post Office to residential, plus proposed two storey extension to create 3 bed semi-detached house, proposed first floor rear extension and internal conversion to create 3 apartments.

The Community Centre and Kirkby Charities "Warm Spaces".

"Warm Space/Soup Lunch"

Supported by the Community Centre and the Kirkby Charities

It is hoped to start this project on Thursday 10th November 12.30 p.m. until 2.30 p.m. at the Community Centre and subsequently on the second Thursday of each month throughout the winter.

Tranport to and from the Centre can be arranged.

Further information to be given nearer the time.

The Community Centre and Kirkby Charities "Warm Spaces".

The Community Centre and Kirkby Charities are joining together in an attempt to provide a warm space during the winter months for any one who would like to benefit from such a place. It would be for some two hours on one Thursday afternoon per month in the Community Centre. Refreshments in the form of soup and possibly sandwiches would be available from 12.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. funded by the Kirkby Charities. Depending upon circumstances some form of entertainment, possibly a film show will also take place.

If you feel that you could help to organise such events please contact either

Anne Holroyd, Secretary, The Community Centre,

Tel; 889 431


Michael McPherson, Chairman, Kirkby Charities,

Tel: 889 382

for further information.

Kirkby Ireleth Parish Council

The Parish Council will soon be launching a new web site. The purpose of this website is to update the current website and also to promote the Parish and villages to the wider community. We are very keen to promote the Parish through images and pictures that you have and would kindly ask that if you are willing to share those images, please forward them to and we can look to include them within the new website.

CGP Trust Fund
Recent grants have been made to St. Cuthbert's PCC, Grizebeck Village Hall and the Floral and Horticultural Society. For grant application forms please contact Gary Grieve 07789 486 757 or

CGP Trust Fund
Due to the retirement of Mr. McPherson from the Parish Council a new Secretary/ Clerk to the CGP Trust Fund will be appointed as soon as possible. Please contact the Chairman, Mr. H. R. Saunders if you require any assistance with applications.

CGP Trust Fund

Recent grants have been made to the following groups and organisations:

Kirkby Football Club, Church of Christ, British Legion, Community Centre, Grizebeck Village Hall, History of Kirkby Group, Friends of the X11 Bus, Kirkby Cricket Club, Little Acorns, St. Cuthbert's PCC, and Kirkby Floral and Horticultural Society.

The Trustees have also provided funds for restocking the planters, cutting out the area between Chapels and Kirkby Hall, a new mulch mower for cutting the grass verges, three Christmas trees, fuel costs for parishioners who cut grass in their area, plants for various public areas and of course supporting the Jubilee Celebrations and the evening on Gala Day to mark the end of the pandemic (although a little later than originally planned).

All of the above are, of course in line with the criteria laid down by CGP. Further information along with the criteria can be found on the CGP TRUST FUND page.

Parish Council

Due to the retirement of Councillors McPherson and Jackson there are two vacancies for the Parish Council.  If you would like to become a Parish Councillor full details are available here on how to apply.

Kirkby Ireleth Relief in Need Charity.
The Trustees are providing help to those who are having financial difficulties. If you know of any one who may need help such as this please contact any of the Trustees. Their contact details can be found here. All matters, will of course, be strictly confidential.

A595 Grizebeck

The latest A595 Newsletter

Cumbria Council have issued two leaflets identifying where help can be obtained due to the present financial situation. 

They are "Food Providers" and "Cost of Living"  

More information can also be found on the County Council website; Cost of Living Support | Cumbria County Council

Free COVID testing ends in Cumbria for most people – what happens next?

Free widespread symptomatic and asymptomatic testing for COVID-19 has now ended in Cumbria.

From 31 March, free tests will only be available for people who develop symptoms and are at risk of serious illness from COVID-19 and are eligible for treatments, along with NHS and adult social care staff and those in other high-risk settings. 

The decision to end most free testing was taken as part of central government’s “Living with COVID” strategy to live with and manage the virus - published back in February 2022.

Cumbria’s Director of Public Health, Colin Cox, said: “With widespread free testing no longer available, vaccines are our best defence against the virus. 

“The NHS is now offering spring boosters to the elderly, care home residents and the most vulnerable. The success of the vaccination programme is enabling the country to manage the virus like other respiratory infections. This includes public health guidance and encouraging responsible behaviour, while targeting testing to protect those most at risk and enable healthcare treatment to go ahead safely.

“Although restrictions have now been removed, and most testing reduced, the pandemic is not over. The public should continue to follow the updated public health guidance to protect themselves and others, particularly those who may become seriously ill if infected with COVID-19.

“While there is no longer a legal requirement to self-isolate, if you develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or test positive, we strongly advise everybody to stay at home and avoid contact with others.”

Information on who can access free coronavirus (COVID-19) tests from 1 April 2022 and how to get them can be found on the government website. However, additional government guidance is expected to be released tomorrow (April 1 2022).

To find out how to get a 1st, 2nd or booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and how you will be contacted for your vaccinations, visit the NHS website.

In the week ending 25 March, there were 5,233 new cases in Cumbria, which is an increase of 295 or 6% compared to the previous week (4,938 new cases in the previous week). For the latest COVID-19 situation report, please visit


Cumbria County Council has submitted a planning application for the preliminary design of the A595 Grizebeck improvement scheme on Monday 14 February 2022. The Grizebeck improvement scheme is a 1.4km single carriageway road between Chapels and Grizebeck on the A595, north of Barrow. The route runs to the east of the existing A595, passing properties at Dove Bank and Dove Ford before crossing the existing A595 and creating a new junction with the A595/A5092 to the west of the existing junction. The project will boost Cumbrian economic growth by reducing journey times on the A595, especially when the road is used as a diversion route if the A590 is closed between Dalton and Greenodd. In addition, the scheme will benefit road safety by reducing the number and severity of collisions on the A595 and making it more convenient for freight traffic to access existing and proposed major developments.

 A decision on the planning application is expected in the summer of 2022, with construction starting in 2024.

 If you have any general queries regarding the Grizebeck project, please contact the project team at

A report of the meeting with Ofgem on Tuesday February 15th by Trevor Lee.


Mr. D. MacKay of Duddon View Barn, Pear Tree Farm has been co-opted on to the Council as a new Councillor for the Low Quarter Ward.


Due to the resignation on health grounds of Councillor Morrish a vacancy exists for a Parish Councillor. If you would like to become a Parish Councillor full details are available here on how to apply.



(a) Introduce 40 mph speed limits on the A5092 and the A595 Grizebeck; and

(b) Introduce 50 mph speed limits on the A5092 Lowick Green to Grizebeck road and the A595 Grizebeck to Foxfield road.

Full details and how to comment are available here.

Work is scheduled to begin at the end of January.
How to claim for loss of power and other insurance information.
The Christmas Trees for Grizebeck, Soutergate and Four Lane Ends have been delivered and will be put in place as soon as possible.
The latest information regarding the new Unitary Authorities has been released by Cumbria County Council
December News Letter.

A review consultation is to take place starting 2nd November until 30th November. 

Full details and how to comment are available here. Consultation Hub – Kirkby-in-Furness LA17 7TF 

It is expected that the planning application for the housing development is to be put to South Lakeland District Council Planning Department the  week beginning 23rd April. 
Community Centre
Following the repeated act of damaging to the bowling green club grass surface by marking with risque drawings  CCTV surveillance equipment has been installed at the Centre. Please be aware Police and Civil action will follow if further vandalism occurs.

Major Road Network Consultation
The Government is carrying out a survey as to which roads should be improved and become part of the Major Road Network within Cumbria. The A595 stretch from Dalton to Grizebeck has been omitted from the plans but a consultation regarding this is now taking place. The whole document can be viewed here.  Information as to how to respond is also given. The consultation closes on Monday March 19th at 11.45 a.m.
National Grid's Proposals
Although nothing tangible has been heard from National Grid for some time the groups set up to object to the proposals are still operating in the best interests of the local communities. Recently the nopylons group have released a summary of their suggestions to have the power transported from Moorside offshore. To read their full proposals access their web site at 
Sandbags have been delivered to Soutergate Car Park, the Community Centre, Marshside and Grizebeck. They are available for collection at any time.
Housing development adjacent to Burlington School
Following the Public Engagement Exercise held at Burlington School and the Community Centre it was clear that flood risk, and in particular overland flow, was a concern of the community. Because of this the developer's engineers have taken the design of the scheme further than they ordinarily would for a planning application, in order that they could demonstrate to the community and the Local Planning Authority that there is a solution that works.  The scheme designs are being finalised, as well as amendments to the landscaping in response to comments from the community (principally the beefing up of the planting along the northern boundary to the site). The application for the development will be submitted shortly.    
The Parish Council are providing bins for the storage of sand bags at Soutergate, Marshside, Beckside, Chapels and Grizebeck.